We specialize in serving up Texas-style low and slow BBQ, and pride ourselves on sourcing local, organic and free range produce of the highest standard, including reputable brands such as
Cape Grim and Rosedale Ruby Angus Beef, Borrowdale and Gooralie Pork, and La Ionica Chicken.   

Creating great food takes time, passion and attention to detail, and our authentic American BBQ is no exception. So our delicious beef and pork products are smoked by the Pit Master, Fano, for a minimum 12 hours, using Australian fruit and hardwood in our bigger than Texas Bullockhead Creek BBQ offset smoker, to deliver a mouthwatering flavour profile that ensures we deliver a superior product every time, on every piece of meat we cook, that never sacrifices on quality.

Our vision is so much bigger than serving great food though. We are committed to providing a genuine Texas BBQ dining experience. So whether it's feeding the masses at festivals and food truck park events with our most popular menu, or serving intimate groups at private gatherings with a menu tailored to your preferred palate, we have a solid and professional team, alongside a visually striking set up, that is sure to generate a lot of interest at your next event!

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